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2 thoughts on “Please “follow” my blog!

  1. I had an experience with a client who had heard from "Uncle Walt" Mossberg that it was a good idea to use air to remove dust from the computer from time to time. Of course, I always encourage this kind of learning and proactivity when it comes to computer maintenance.

    However, I got a call from the client wondering what could have happened – after he blew the air from the laptop it would no longer turn on! Oh, I tried alternative power adapters, different batteries, external monitors, and all the basic troubleshooting I could do.

    Upon further inquiry to the client, things became a little clearer. Knowing that sometimes compressed air can spray some of the harmful freon into the computer if used too much at a time, I asked how cold the can had gotten, and if he saw any liquid spray from the tip when trying to clear the computer of dust. His response? "Well, actually, I used the hairdryer; but that shouldn't matter, should it?"

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