Originally, this was intended to be a book.

For years, I have been threatening to write a book with this title.  Alas, I never seem to find the quiet, quality time required for such an endeavor.  The tyranny of the urgent can be a powerful tool for procrastination.  Perhaps more importantly, it may be that a traditional book is no longer the best medium for these sorts of ideas, any more than a student of the Renaissance would have written about Gutenberg’s amazing invention on a cuneiform tablet.  Nowadays, a blog does seem more appropriate to my topic, and not just to my human shortcomings as an author.  Sometimes sooner is better than better.  The incorporation of comments from readers is also apt to add value well beyond my own musings.  I suppose that the resulting document could always be printed on paper, someday, if there are still any trees left on this planet by the time I finish.  In any event, for those who care about whether — and in what ways — technology might be used to improve learning in our schools, then my fond hope is that you may find these postings to be helpful and relevant, albeit perhaps less well-organized or polished than had they been held in abeyance for eventual release in printed form.